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     Mazar Kush strain, Hailing from the Pakistan/Afghanistan line area, Mazar Kush is an offspring of two age-old strains that have in numerous regards become commonly recognized names for themselves.

By intersection Mazar Sharif with Aghani, World of Seeds Bank made a very powerful strain with a structure body high and a quickly exciting beginning.                                                                                                                                                                                    historical info of Mazar Kush strain

Mazar Kush strain, Similar with numerous Kush relative, this half breed sneaks up all of a sudden of THC, with this one averaging around 20%, of a solid pressing factor assuaging head high.

These sweet citrusy nugs are loaded with orange, Mazar Kush strain, blueberry with traces of gritty tones, giving it the ideal flavor mixes. The buds are fleecy and popcorn molded with dim olive green tones, radiant orange hairs, cold white trichomes.

THC Content

Clients feel quickly glad and perky from Mazar Kush strain. After the two or three hits, happiness sets in followed by a body buzz that forms over the long run.

It goes ahead leisurely like a young romantic tale, it unexpectedly hits at the same time. Your body will give up completely, the unwinding will clear away any lingering inspiration.

This dim point leaves you feeling drowsy and somewhat loopy. Get the closest cushion and partake in an entire evening of rest, however before you do make certain to set yourself up with a lot of tidbits.

Mazar Kush strain, This is one little bud that will leave you with an ache of craving and a hunger that is not effectively satisfied. Read More.


Mazar Kush is all that you might actually anticipate from a substantial indica. This preeminent mix does its foundations pleased, as it completely addresses the Afghani impacts allly. On the off chance that you are searching for something that will prompt utter unwinding from head to toe, then, at that point you have discovered it in this plant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         health impact 

This strain will cause you to feel sluggish over the long haul, so assuming you need a little assistance nodding off around evening time, this half breed can assist you with excursion division.

Mazar Kush strain is additionally known for being an extraordinary shot in the arm smoke, permitting your mind-set to take off while you surrender to its heavenly presence.

Mazar Kush strain can make you giggly, without recollecting why, so in the event that you have great organization around you who are prepared to partake in on the great energies, then, at that point this one is ideal for you.

It can improve your craving a smidgen, making food more pleasant than expected.


Mazar Kush strain is fragrant and known for simply that. This bud conveys a solid blueberry and gritty fragrance that will spread all through the room, making it difficult to cover up.

You will see shocks of hash and orange in its aroma, blending admirably in with its different scents and bringing about a tempting blend.


Mazar Kush strain is intriguing even in it’s anything but, a tempting blend that will improve your range.

This indica crossover will taste sharp and natural on the breathe in, while on the breathe out you will see a mind boggling mix of hot spices and pleasantness before it leaves a tacky and skunky delayed flavor impression on your tongue.

Unfriendly Reaction

Mazar Kush has some incidental effects because of its intensity, however you will see that the most widely recognized ones will be an overall dry mouth sensation, just as dry and bothersome eyes.

In the event that you tend to feel marginally restless when smoking an indica, then, at that point you are probably going to feel that while partaking in this strain.


Mazar Kush strain has some truly valuable restorative applications, and demonstrates itself to be outstanding amongst other clinical indicas accessible today.

This strain is particularly successful in the therapy of constant torment, and can diminish manifestations in difficult to treat conditions like persistent spinal pains, headaches, just as muscle fits.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 16-24%
Earthy and woody with a hint of pine

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