Strain attributes:
Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleeping.
Flavors: Chemical, Chocolate, Diesel, Pine.
Helps with: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms.



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Gorilla Glue 4 known as “ Original Glue # 4” is a crossover with a prevalence of Indica that will make you truly “stick” to the bed. The assortment contains a record high THC, It’s anything but an incredible impact that it shocks even pot veterans. The strain right off the bat showed up in 2013 in the USA. It was made by intersection three totally various strains: Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister and Sour Dub. The errand of the reproducers was to make a half and half with the most noteworthy conceivable degree of THC. The outcome is an exceptional strain that has acquired a ton of fans all throughout the planet


Gorilla Glue 4 might be excessively intense for some clients. The THC-A substance goes from a remarkable. CBD and CBG are by and large low and under .The low CBD content additionally implies that Gorilla Glue 4 isn’t the best option when hoping to deal with more genuine ailments like seizures or malignancy related side effects. In any case, the high THC ends up being valuable for treating torment, a sleeping disorder, and prompting craving.

Appearance of buy gorilla glue

buds are shrouded in light green calyxes and orange hairs. Its buds are thick, light, resinous, and canvassed in trichomes. As the plants approach gather time, the blossoms seem as though they’ve been iced over in a colder time of year storm, because of the bounty of precious stones on the leaves

Flavor and Aroma

Gorilla Glue 4 has a natural pine-like fragrance with traces of sandalwood, wild berries, and treat mixture. The trailing sensation is botanical and diesel-like with a sweet waiting chocolatey hash taste. Gorilla Glue 4 strain leaves sharp petroleum and acrid apple aroma noticeable all around with a musky funk on your fingers subsequent to taking care of. Like the smell, the one of a kind taste is substantial on the tastebuds and difficult to neglect.

Terpenes of buy Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue 4 has high measures of the terpenes caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, limonene, and pinene. Gorilla G 4 is well known for its high creation of pitch, with a profile of loosening up terpenes conveying quieting and lighthearted impacts.


The strong power of Gorilla Glue  is serious stuff. Ill-equipped clients can without much of a stretch be surprised by the staggering impacts of smoking Gorilla Glue weed. The buzz is unwinding to the body yet additionally gives exciting and euphoric sensations beating through the mind. The underlying Gorilla G high is senseless and happy then it’s anything but a quieting steadying stone that goes on for as long as 4 hours. Gorilla G is broadly used to deal with states of resembling sickness, sleep deprivation, headaches, and joint pain while it’s likewise useful at assuaging pressure, nervousness, and gloom.

Developing Gorilla Glue Seeds

Gorilla Glue 4 has everything a producer needs, speedy blooming time, enormous yields, and protection from growths and bugs. This assortment is known to be farily quickly developing, particularly in the vegetative stage, and Gorilla 4 gives a blast of tar during its blooming. The blooming time is 60-70 days inside and mid October for open air gardens. The normal gather is 500g/17oz per plant inside and 21oz/ plant outside. Gorilla Glue strain is ideal for SCROG development in light of its spread design with numerous parallel branches at a similar stature. The additional help is particularly useful on account of the significant size of the massive colas. When become outside, Gorilla G 4 will in general have a ton of tar which goes about as a characteristic water and creepy crawly repellent.

Strain information:
Sativa dominate hybrid: 63% Indica / 37% Sativa.
THC: 32%


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Additional information


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